You must have noticed how plastic bags has become an issue in our current environment, especially with many large companies becoming more environmental aware and actively advocating Go Green! As we all see those little white plastic bags either blowing or floating everywhere on the communities or down the road sides. Facing the annoying fact that they do not decompose in the nature, we have to think it about for the future of our eco systems.

Plastic bags (unlike custom-size plastic boxes) are the obvious culprits but they are needed in some industries and hard to replaced in the near future. There might be nothing wrong with using the disposable plastic bags as they are very convenient? And because the plastic bag suppliers are important for us consumers and for industries that need them? That's partly true! But we shall not settle for pollution just because of these transient benefits. It's strongly recommended to use cotton bags in instead whenever possible! Cotton bags are strong, washable, reusable, and mostly importantly, biodegradable! Besides, they are not costing you much either. Carrying a cotton bag won't cause you much inconvenience! So refrain from using plastic bags when possible, in the first place!

However, it's true that there are situations that some vendors need plastic bags to keep things properly stored or ready for shipping and box containers are not appropriate. Also, some businesses would need to have certain items prepackaged in plastic bags like jewelry products and some perishable items, etc. So in such situations, the actual issue is how we can properly dispose of those plastic bags so that they are not becoming a hazard to the wildlife and the lands. (Of course, littered plastic bags are just downright ugly when exposed in our surroundings.

To keep our parks, waters and the general environment clean of garbage, we all need to take our part by throwing our garbage in the prescribed facilities. Try to classify the garbage appropriate containers at home before disposing. If you provide a make do box for bottles, one for cans, plastic then things can be taken care of without any further issues to deal with. Even all of your plastic containers and bags could be treated accordingly so that there is no more littering. That way it can be much easier and convenient to recycle plastics and reduce waste. Some governments (e.g. China) are already pushing forward with garbage classification in the public. A little extra step from everybody of us will go a long way to our better environment.

We all must do our part and even large businesses should do their part in keeping our wonderful planet beautiful. Especially with the pollutants that the factories disperse into  the air that we breath and the waters that we live on, you should be ashamed of yourselves and no matter who you are! To sum up, it is up to the rest of us and we should pick up the slack for those who do not care about our mother earth.

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